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Compassion United - Havertown

Compassion United Havertown was started when two of my kids had cancer in 2017. I was so busy with visits to CHOP, I had forgotten about putting together Easter baskets. I reached out on the Havertown Community Facebook page for someone to make baskets for my four children. It was a simple, impulsive post, and I could never have imagined the response.

More than 220 strangers responded with help that went way beyond baskets… gifts, meals, donations, gift cards, offers of rides, and house cleaning. It was as if our community had been waiting for this very opportunity. That night an idea was born. I wanted to give others the chance to experience this unbelievable support during a temporary hardship. I could not sleep and shared the idea. Within a week, Compassion United Havertown was born. We have been able to support many families and host an incredible Christmas drive every year since then. This is possible through the love and support of the Havertown community, and I am so proud to be a part of it!

Our mission is simple. We're neighbors helping neighbors. So reach out for help when you need it. Pay it forward when you can. Look for the people who are in need and tell them about Compassion United Havertown. We are stronger together!

- Rachel

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